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Julia Woodruff

Welcome to my online classroom. Here are my student expectations for online learning for Fall 2020

Everyday Mon-Thurs. Students will be expected to:

  • Log in to google classroom science.
  • Click link for correct day of the week assignment.
  • Follow instructions and video links to learn the content needed to complete the assignment.
  • Either create a google doc on the assignment, or answer the google question assignment then turn the assignment in by clicking turn in or mark as done.
  • If the assignment has a STEMscopes link the student must follow the link to STEMscopes, log in, and complete the assignment in STEMscopes and turn in on STEMscopes. Then return to Google Classroom and mark the assignment as done or answer the google assignment question.
  • Check grades from work turned in on previous days and read feedback from the teacher.
  • Reply to and ask for help from the teacher through phone call, text or email.

Julia Woodruff

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