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Request for Services

Hey Elida Community and beyond!

We're excited to announce that we're auctioning off 4 old scoreboards from Elida Municipal Schools! We have the baseball scoreboard, football scoreboard, and two scoreboards from the main gym up for grabs.

Sealed bids are currently being accepted at the front office of Elida Municipal Schools. We invite all interested parties to submit their sealed bids by May 13th at noon.

Please ensure to write down the number of the scoreboard you are bidding on for clarity and accuracy.

The bids will be opened during the upcoming school board meeting. This transparent process ensures fairness and accountability in our procurement procedures.

If your bid is successful, Mrs. Becky will contact you to notify you of the outcome and to arrange a pick-up time and date for the awarded items.

Thank you for your interest in working with Elida Municipal Schools. We look forward to receiving your bids and appreciate your support!#1#2#3#4